Saturday, February 16, 2013

Honda Type E City Pod

The single-axle Honda type E concept uses similar physical principles as a segway for maximum maneuverability in the urban jungle. The ultrasmall vehicle focuses on minimum space consumption, maximum driver visibility, easy access, high efficiency, and, most importantly, driving dynamics that make it capable of turning 360 on the spot. It's got a far-out aesthetic, but it's really not all that unrealistic from what we'll probably see not-so-distant future.

- no drive chain (lower weight, low fictional resistance)
- no steering ear (lower weight)
- turns on a dime
- high efficiency start/stop-drive with regenerative braking
- standing phase without loss of energy (traffic)
- minimum use of parking space
- zero emissions

Designer: Michael Brandt

Citroen DS BiRotor

The Citroen DS BiRotor merges the aesthetic attention to detail of top-end brands with the efficiency & economic sensibility of modern hybrid-drive vehicles. Laser headlights, AMOLED driver interface, carbon fiber everywhere, & a photosensitive polycarbonate roof/windows are just a few of the pros… but what sets it apart are the innovative tires which adapt to weather & driver demands by expanding & contracting to allow for water flow, increased traction, or higher efficiency. Hit the jump to see how it works!

Designer: José Eduardo Sánchez

Friday, February 15, 2013

Taxi BP

Taxi BP was a design project at University of Art and Design Budapest with "future city mobility" theme. The main body design of this car also considered Budapest traffic conditions and road construction. The goal is to create driverless mobility vehicle for big cities in the future, in this case 2046, it features elegance characteristic of old carriages to define a new experience for a taxi service in a smart concept.

The interior features hi-tech navigation with driverless technologies, it's equipped with eco-friendly system for clean, safe and quiet run. The overall body boast compact size in friendly proportions, in this way, 4 passengers can still enjoy spacious area inside the car. When the weather condition is great, passengers can open the rooftop of Taxi BP to enjoy fresh air while huge windows have been designed for great sightseeing.

Designer : Dániel Ruppert

Taxi BP by Daniel Ruppert

Taxi BP by Daniel Ruppert

Taxi BP by Daniel Ruppert

Taxi BP by Daniel Ruppert

Taxi BP by Daniel Ruppert

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bugatti Gangloff

The Bugatti Gangloff is inspired not by late models like the Veyron or the mighty Galibier, but rather one of the classics of the brand: the 1930s Gangloff S57.